Levels of Hierarchy

There are 4 possible levels of hierarchy in 7shifts:

  1. Administrator
  2. Manager
  3. Assistant Manager
  4. Employees


  • The Admin is the person who creates the 7shifts account.
  • The Admin user type is the super user and has access to edit and view everything within the 7shifts account. Admins can add/edit Managers, Assistant Managers, and Employees.
  • The Admin type can only be set by 7shifts Support (support@7shifts.com), and must be requested by another Admin user.
  • The Admin may add and delete Locations, change billing information, and upgrade Plan types.


  • Managers can add/edit Assistant Managers and Employees. They cannot add/edit Admins or other Managers.
  • Individual Manager permissions are listed here.

Assistant Manager

  • Assistant Managers can only add/edit Employees. They cannot add/edit Admins, Managers, or Assistant Managers.
  • Individual Assistant Manager permissions are listed here.


  • Employees cannot add or edit anyone (except their own contact information).

NOTE: Employees can be changed to Managers and Assistant Managers by accessing their Employee profile (Manage > Employees > click on Employee to edit) and changing their User type.

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