Adding Locations

Here's how to add a new Location to your account:

Note: Billing is per Location, so you will be charged an additional fee when the Location is added.

To add a Location:

1. Hover over your profile picture, and select ' Locations/Departments/Roles'

2. Select 'Locations' from the tabs on the left

3. Click the green  '+Add Location' button

4. Enter your Location name and click 'Submit'

Select the new Location from your list and set the following settings:

1. General

In the 'General' tab, enter in your street address, Location name, and timezone.

2. Hours of Operation

In the 'Hours of Operation' tab, enter in the earlier shift start time, and latest shift end time, specific to this Location. These times should reflect the working hours of the Location, not necessarily the Open and Close times for customers. 

Check the 'Closed' box to indicated the days that your business is closed. 

3. Holidays

In the 'Holidays' tab, you can choose to enable holidays, then select the specific holidays you would like to apply to the Location.

Once you enable holidays, you will see a list of default holidays based on your country setting (see this by  hovering over your profile picture > Company Settings > General > Country).

You can then select which holidays you want to enable, and decide whether to apply a wage multiplier.

If you don't want a holiday to impact the scheduled wages, enter '1.0' as the wage multiplier. 

4. Custom Holidays/Events

To add your own holidays or events, simply click on 'Add custom holiday'. 
Click 'Save' when you are done.

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