Stations (aka sections), allow you to assign employees to a specific area of your operation, while being assigned a Role for their shift. For example, you can assign Employee A to the Bartender Role, Station 1. Employee B can then be assigned to the Bartender Role, Station 2. 

Creating Stations:

  1. Go to the Locations > Departments > Roles section at the top right of your account, and go to Roles. 
  2. Click on a Role, and you'll see the 'Stations' input field. 
  3. Enter the number of Stations that Role has, and click 'Save'. 

Assigning Stations to Employees:

  • Click the 'Calendar' icon to go to the schedule and click to add a shift. 
  • If the Role you are selecting has Stations, you'll see the dropdown appear, allowing you to select which Station the employee will be assigned to. 

Employees will now know which Stations they are assigned to when they look at their upcoming shifts on the Schedule (both mobile and web app).

Happy Scheduling!

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