Inviting Employees to 7shifts

For Admins, there are two ways to invite Employees to the account. 
For Managers, see option 2.

1. Invite all Employees in one click:

Send an invitation to all your employees by going to  Employees > Tools drop-down menu on right hand side > Invite employees to 7shifts.

2. Invite one Employee only:

Click on 'Invite employee to 7shifts' in the employee's profile.

Once you invite an employee to 7shifts, they are immediately sent an email prompting them to accept the invite and set a password, as well as links to download the 7shifts mobile app (available for iPhone and Android).

Here is an example of the email they will receive:

3. Once an employee has been invited, you will see the following information in their profile:

  • when the invite was sent
  • when the invite will expire
  • whether the employee has accepted the invite or not

The invite will expire after 5 days. If the employee has not accepted it, you will have to resend the invite using the 'Invite employee to 7shifts' button.

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