Adding Employees (Web)

Before adding employees, make sure that you have set up your Account Structure, here.

Adding many Employees at once

If you have many employees, the quickest way to add them to 7shifts is to import them using our handy importer spreadsheet. The instructions on how to import are listed under 'More' menu > Employees > Import:

Once you import the spreadsheet, your employees are populated into 7shifts and you have the option to invite employees at that time.

Adding Employee one by one

You can also add Employees one by one by clicking on the green '+Add' button. Key pieces of information to enter in the Employee profile include:

  • First and last name
  • Email address (NOTE: All staff require an email address to log into 7shifts)
  • Mobile number (for SMS and push notifications)
  • Assign Employees to their designated Locations/Departments/Roles

If an Employee is a Manager or Assistant Aanager, select 'Manager' or 'Assistant Manager' from the "User type" drop-down menu and a list of permissions will appear. You can customize which permissions you want them to have. Click here to learn more about manager permissions. 

Adding employees from the schedule

Employees can be added directly from the schedule allowing you to add new Employees on the go. Schedule them for shifts without having to navigate away from to schedule.

To add Employees from the schedule:

  • Click the 'Add Employees' button in the top left corner of the schedule

  • From there, you'll be asked to fill in a few details for the employee:
    • Employee name (first and last)
    • Email (this must be entered in order for the employee to receive an invite)
    • Phone (optional - employees can enter this later)
    • Roles (select all they will be scheduled for)
  • Once you've filled out the employee details, check the 'Invite employee(s) via email/phone' (you can do this later from their profile if you're not ready)
  • Click 'Add Employees' to save

You will be taken back to the schedule and can begin scheduling these employees right away.

Head to Manage > Employees to input additional information for these employees such as wage, skill level, etc.

Text and email notifications

Employees will be able to customize their notification preferences in their own account.  For example, if they don’t want to receive text messages, they can edit notifications so that they only get emails.

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