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Step 2: Submit your Availability

First, it's important to understand the difference between Availability and Time Off requests in 7shifts:

Availability:  This is how you communicate to your manager which time of day, or which days of the week you prefer not to work due to classes, other jobs, etc. This can be submitted on a Weekly or Repeating basis.

Time Off:  Use this to ask your manager for days you need to take off (ie. vacation or personal days).

Now, here's how to submit your Availability:

First, go to Manage > Availability in the top menu. (Mobile app: go to Availability in the side menu.)

Click the green +Add button and select whether you are submitting your Repeating Availability (which will repeat from week to week) or your Weekly Availability (for a specific date range). 

NOTE: If you can't select Weekly Availability, it means your manager has disabled this option. 

From there, select which days you are unable to work. Once you are finished, click 'Submit' and your manager will be notified. 

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