Knowledge base | 7shifts

Get Started in 6 Steps

Before starting your first schedule, make sure you go through this checklist: 

        1. Add Locations 
        2. Add Departments 
          • By adding Departments, you are splitting up your staff onto different schedules (i.e. Front of House, Back of House). 
        3. Add Roles
          • Add Roles within each Department which employees will need to be scheduled for (i.e. Server, Bartender, Host)
        4. Assign Time Frames to Roles
          • Go to Schedules > Time Frames
          • These Time Frames will be used to slot employees into when scheduling
        5. Add Employees
          • Option A: Go to ManageEmployees > Import to add multiple employees at once
          • Option B: Add employees one at a time by clicking on the green +Add button
        6. Invite employees to 7shifts
          • Go to Manage > Employees > Tools and click on 'Invite employees to 7shifts'
          • NOTE: You might choose to do this after you've created the first schedule

Now, you are now ready to create your first schedule.